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Primary, GCSE and A Levels Tuition Centre

We have qualified, experienced teachers that are suitable for pupils just starting school in KS1 up to pupils preparing to sit their GCSEs and beyond. And whilst there is no single reason why our pupils and parents get to know us as a trusted partner in education, our surveys and research suggest some of these important factors:

Teaching Excellence
Having experienced and inspiring teachers who are passionate about their work is at the heart of all that we do. Unlike many supplementary education providers, all our teachers are fully qualified and have a track record of delivering engaging lessons and getting the best out of pupils.

Small Class Sizes
Whereas mainstream schools will have as many as 30 pupils in a class, our absolute maximum is a 1:6 student/teacher ratio. This means that pupils are able to benefit from group work and develop communication skills, but also receive far more individual attention in each lesson. This means that our teachers are quick to discover when a pupil isn't grasping a concept so they can be supported further. At the same time, it means pupils who have grasped their work are not able to 'coast' and can be stretched further.

Accredited Testing
Our supplementary school teachers do not get much time with pupils, so we work hard to make sure all that time is spent as productively as possible. All pupils joining our programmes sit accredited literacy and numeracy tests which highlight the areas where each pupil is strong and where they are weaker. With this information, our teachers can work with parents to develop schemes of work and homework which strengthens weaker areas and encourages the quickest progress.

Pupil Focus
We realise that the last thing most kids want to do when they get out of school is to attend another school! This is why we engage with all of our pupils to make sure the atmosphere of learning is different to school. This can involve more activity-based learning where pupils use their creativity to support their academic learning, and equally, it can involve creating a more peaceful space for pupils to think outside the hectic rush of everyday school.

Online Learning Tools
We use online learning tools to aid both in teaching in class and as homework. These interactive tools are effective for all ages and break learning up into chunks so pupils can work on the areas they need. The tools are also used by teachers in setting homework so they can make sure pupils spend time on weaker subjects between lessons.

Involving Parents
Above mainstream schools and any service Alpha provides, we know that parents are the single most important factor in any pupil's education. This is why we try to engage with parents at all stages of a pupil's time with us. After the initial assessment, our teachers sit down with parents to discuss results and ways the pupil can make progress. Then throughout each term, pupils receive a weekly report card giving feedback on progress and highlighting any issues, before an end of term report to demonstrate overall development. We also aim to make our branches as open and friendly as possible so any issue of a pupil's education can be discussed with teachers each week.

Competitive Prices
We work hard to make sure our prices are as low as possible. Most of our fees go directly to paying the teachers and providing learning resources so that parents get real value for money. We realise that paying for a year of extra tuition is a lot of money, so please do get in contact with us to discuss payment options.

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